Chris Kent

With over 30 years experience as a small business owner Chris Kent, our CEO, knows a thing or two about what it really takes to successfully market your business in the 21st century. Entrepreneur turned a part-time academic, Chris Kent MSc is a leading authority in micro-business marketing and really understands the challenges you face.

He has conducted extensive research into the digital marketing skills gap and its impact on small businesses – this was the subject of his Masters Dissertation in Digital Marketing. This is a subject he is passionate about and one he continues to research as he works towards his part-time PhD – also in micro-business marketing.

Everything we teach here at The 21st Century Marketing Academy is based on a combination of real-life experience and extensive research into the real problems small business owners face on a daily basis. During his Master’s research Chris conducted over 25 in-depth interviews with small business owners – check out this session to discover some of his findings.

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